History & Perspective


Established in 1958 by the Wesleyan Methodist Church as a place to gather for annual retreat, conference and children's camps. Supporters built cottages along the lakefront and throughout the 50 acres of property in support of the ministry, giving time as volunteers at camp and utilizing their cottages for vacations and family gathering spots. A 12-unit motel (Bethany Lodge) was constructed in 1975.

The camp saw steady growth throughout the mid to late 1980's including the construction of dorms, a "tabernacle", gymnasium, and dining facility. Since 2008, the camp has experienced a major make-over via rennovations, new construction, cleanup, and ministry renewal.

Since 2008, a season of growth and renewal fills stakeholders with hope and a sense that things once thought impossible are now considered doable. Camp and retreat registrations have grown. Donation income is up and the operations budget is improving. A positive atmosphere abounds!

SLWC Today

We fulfill our mission through a growing slate of camps and retreats. The summer is full of camps for children, teens, adults and families including age appropriate activities, games, Bible teaching, worship, nature exploration, crafts and lots of opportunity to build relationships with God and others.

The property is often rented to groups who wish to retreat for prayer, renewal, teaching and team building. We also have a few housekeeping cottages available for families to rent for a weekend or more. With a prisitine 605 acre lake, a shaded brook, a small forested area, toys and activity space we have ample opportunity for individuals and groups to have wonderful experiences together.