• Winter at the Lake

    Events are held year round

  • Campfires

    One of the best things about a summer evening

  • Music Camp

    One of many camps that run at SLWC

  • Tabernacle

    One of the main buildings where gatherings happen

  • Tubing

    Nothing is better than tubing on a warm summer's day

  • Fun at the Lake

    The lake trampoline is always a big hit

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Camps for almost everyone have been run here since 1958. Children and teens are our primary focus, but you will quickly see that we offer camping experiences for all ages. We love camping and we would love to be your choice for you and your family.

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Online Donations

At SLWC we try very hard to manage our income streams so that we have the funds necessary to maintain the property, buildings, equipment and infrastructure and to pay the salary of the staff who direct the ministry.

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Campground Map

Silver Lake is remote enough to be liberating, but still close enough to be accessible.

We are located at 512 Wesleyan Camp Lane, Maberly, Ontario, just off of the Trans-Canada Highway.

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Connecting people with God through camping, retreat & community ministries

Kids & Teens

high energy and lots of fun


Keeping Campers Safe

Nut Policy

Although nuts and nut products are prohibited in all of our programs and facilities, we cannot guarantee that campers will not come in contact with traces of nut products while here at camp. Please refrain from bringing nut products to Silver Lake for the overall well-being of our campers.


getaways for the whole household


Head Lice

At Silver Lake Wesleyan Camp, we strive to maintain a consistently healthy environment for our campers. As a community living in close quarters, head lice can spread quickly and be hard to eliminate. In an effort to prevent lice, we ask parents to check their child’s head before they come to camp. In order to assist parents and maintain a healthy camp we abide by the following policy:

Upon check-in on the first day of camp, each camper will be checked for head lice.

If any lice or nits are found at that time or at any time during the camping session, the camper will be asked to return home.

Once the camper is nit-free, parents can choose to bring their child back for another camp week of equal value. Alternatively, they can be refunded two-thirds of the camp fee (and/or use this refund towards a week of camp the following year.)


doing everything young campers do... just slower.


Drinking Water

SLWC holds to a very strict drinking water treatment, monitoring and testing regimine which ensures a safe drining water supply for all our campers and guests. The following information and documents are available at the SLWC office for review by the public free of charge during normal business hours.

  1. All test results
  2. Annual Reports
  3. Trained Person certificates
  4. EER and Declaration of Professional Engineer
  5. Copy of O. Reg. 170/3

Dietary Policy

Although we do our best to provide healthy and tasty meals it is impossible for us to meet all dietary requirements and preferences.

Please plan to bring supplementary supplies with you that help meet your specific needs.

We say it in a variety of ways,

but when you get right down to it, the purpose of SLWC is simple: to help anyone of any age to know God and grow to become more like Him. Everyone who comes to camp will have the opportunity to explore, discover and decide in regard to faith issues.

See you at the lake!