Housing and Lodging

Keeping your kids in a comfortable, safe and sanitary environment will never be overlooekd at SLWC. We ensure this in various ways, including:

  • All buildings, mattresses, etc. are sanitized after each camp
  • Regular inspection and maintenance done to facilities
  • Regular testing of fire alarms
  • Safety rails on bunks
  • Fire extinguishers and emergency protocols in place on each building

Food Safety

We understand that your child's health and proper nourishment is a primary concern for you as a parent, and it is a top priority for us as well. We ensure that your child is fed properly and that the kitchen and dining area are always kept clean and sanitary by:

  • Regular cleaning of all kitchen equipment and dining-ware
  • Regular health inspections and audits
  • Proper storage and rotation of all food products
  • Food handling protocols including cooler/freezer temps monitored, meat cook temps per regulation
  • Water treatment as per Ontario Water Regulations
  • The kitchen and dining area, as well at the tuck shop are peanut and nut product free (please refer to Peanut, Nut policy)


Staff and Counselor Training

Ensuring that your child is properly supervised and in good hands is always a top priority at Silver Lake. A ratio of 4 campers to 1 staff is normal. All counselors and camp staff have completed:

  • Vulnerable Sector Checks
  • Current Police Checks
  • Sr counselors are 18 and up
  • Jr counselors are 16 and up
  • Full time staff are all mature and/or senior adults

As well, all senior counselors have recieved proper training in dealing with children including:

  • CPR and First Aid training
  • Emergency Response
  • Anti-bullying and inclusion
  • Sports and Activity supervision
  • WHIMS Workplace Safety Training

All counselors and staff are also admitted on a basis of faith to ensure that your children are being mentored and directed by youth and young adults who have Jesus as a focus in their life to help your kids grow to appreciate the same!


Activity and Game Safety

Having fun is something every child should get to experience at camp. Doing so safely, is what we're dedicating to ensuring. 

Counselors and supervisors have been trained in safe procedures for sports, games, and any other activities that will be involved in your child's time at camp! 


SLWC ensures that all sports equipment and facilities are well maintained and safe to use. The Gymnasium is regularly cleaned, as well as outdoor sports facilities' grounds including the volleyball court, sports field and basketball court are regularly maintained and inspected.


 Any time a child is in the water, it must be with permission and done under the supervisioin of one of Silver Lake's lifeguards (all trained and ceritifed to level X). Life jackets are always worn when canoeing, tubing or for those whose swim skills require it (children undergo testing to evaluate swimming ability). 


Your child will have the option to try many other various activities including archery, tubing, hiking, and more (depending on the camp). All the instructors have recieved the necessary training courses to be teaching children in the specified activity and/or operating any equipment needed in the activity. For any activity, including those listed above, a ratio of 4 children to 1 supervisor is targeted.


Injury and First Aid Response

Most staff and counselors have recieved training in CPR and First Aid in the event that an accident does occur. There are also emergency response protocols in place for lost campers, storm alerts and other emergencies. For more information on the health and safety understanding waiver, please see the attached copy of the forms below. 

Statement of understanding

If there are any more concerns or questions about how we ensure your child's safety please don't ever hesitate to give us a call or email at 

Phone: 1-877-511-CAMP (2267)
Email: office@slwc.ca