We say it in a variety of ways, but when you get right down to it:

SLWC's mission is to make and shape disciples of Christ through camp, retreat and community ministries.

Children and Teens are of particular care and concern to us and are at the heart of all we do. We figure that if we can impact young lives in positive ways, we can impact the world. A disturbing number of 18 to 34 year old believers are abandoning their faith. We would love to provide foundational teachings that support and enable kids to make it through those challenging years of big questions, doubts and fears. 

We begin to do this by introducing kids to Jesus Christ and instructing them in how to live to please Him. We do not coerce, pressure or force a child to believe as we do, but in an atmosphere of fun activities, games, Bible lessons, stories and personal interaction campers have the opportunity to learn about God and explore and consider matters of faith. Your children are smart. They can make wise decisions if they are taught and led by trusted role models, which is what we aim to be. 

Adults build on their faith foundation through retreat opportunities (rental or provided), to be more equipped and empowered to live for our Saviour. 

Families love the freedom to allow their children time to play and explore knowing that their kids are having fun, but within a loving Christ-like community where they are safe, protected and secure. A community of cottagers makes SLWC a blessed and spirit-filled home away from home during the summer. Here they enjoy rest, fellowship and worship in a Christian atmosphere that is safe and fun. 

SLWC is a wonderful place for individuals and groups to connect with each other, self and God.

To learn more about why we do what we do you can explore The Wesleyan Church and its Core Values. You can also check out Christian Camping International-Canada (CCI-Canada) to find more camps whose purpose is very similar to ours.