COVID-19 Response : 2021

June 3, 2021 Update

As you know, the Provincial authorities recently announced that overnight and day camps would be permitted to run during the summer of 2021 in Ontario. Given that announcement, we have opened registration for all of our overnight and day camps. We are excited about what the summer will hold for us. COVID-19 Protocols - During the summer of 2020, we ran 14 day camps during which we executed a number of COVID-19 protocols. We are happy to report that we hosted over 300 campers and their families, and that we were able to do so without a single COVID-19 incident at the camp. For the upcoming summer of 2021, the Province has issued us preliminary guidelines to follow applicable to COVID-19. We will work with the Provincial Health authorities to gain the approval of our COVID-19 protocols in the coming days. Once the Province has signed off on our plan, we will make details of the plan public. Looking forward to reconnecting with our camper and guest communities in the coming months.